2017 Downtown Chili Cookoff Results

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  • ICS Red

    1st: AIP Afterburner Chili Team 1
    2nd: Blue Moon Chili
    3rd: Hog Call Chili
    4th: Sterling Silver
    5th: State Farm - Red Hotz
  • ICS Green Chili Verde

    1st: Hog Call Chili
    2nd: Hot Lick Chili
    3rd: AIP Afterburner Team 2
    4th: AIP Afterburner Team 2
    5th: Possum Belly
  • ICS Salsa

    1st: Toucan Chili II
    2nd: Hog Call Chili
    3rd: Possum Belly
    4th: Hot Lick Chili
    5th: Fat Travis Chili
  • No Beans

    1st: Kansas 2-step Chili
    2nd: Wichita Childrens Home
    3rd: B-Unit's Fireball Chili Team A
    4th: State Farm - Red Hotx
    5th: AIP Aterburner Team 1
  • Anything Goes

    1st: Kansas 2-step Chili
    2nd: State Farm - Red Hotz
    3rd: Afterburn
    4th: Emerson Biggins
    5th: Hog Call Chili
  • Restaurant

  • 1st: Emerson Biggins
    NE: Old Mill Tasty Shop
    NE: Savor - Intrust Bank Arena
    NE: The Diamond Plate Truck
    NE: Twin Peaks

  • People's Choice

    1st: Kan-Grow Hydro Farms
    2nd: Code 3 Chili
    3rd: Afterburn
    4th: Savor - Intrust Bank Arena
    5th: The Chili of the Plains
  • Chili for Charity

    1st: State Farm - Red Hotz
    (Andover Police and Fire Foundation)
    2nd: CASA of Sedgwick County
    3rd: Wichita Childrens Home
    4th: Passageways
    5th: Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America
  • Best Team Spirit

    1st: Wichita Public Schools
    2nd: Via Christi Regional Burn Center
    & Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
    3rd: Kims Academy of Taekwondo Kicking It Chili
    4th: Big Momma's Chili Town
    5th: Twin Peaks
  • Best Booth

    1st: Big Momma's Chili Team
    2nd: Pool Trends
    3rd: Old Mill Tasty Shop
    4th: Cell Block #9
    5th: Mental Health Association

  • Grand Champion

    Old Mill Tasty Shop