Other Wagonmasters Downtown Chili Cookoff Events

Mr. Hot Stuff

Picture of Past Mr. Hot Stuff Event

This guy is hot. And he knows other people know it as well. See him strut his stuff on the main stage beginning at 2:15 PM. Audience determines the winner of $100.

Ms. Chili Pepper

Picture of Past Ms. Chili Pepper

Always looking to spice things up, Ms. Chili Pepper is a real crowd pleaser. Beginning at 2:30 PM, she'll turn up the heat at the chili cook-off. Most applause nets the winner a cool $100.

Pepper Eating Contest

Picture of Past Pepper Eating Contest

Watch insanely crazy contestants eat as many peppers as humanly possible in 5 minutes. Whoever consumes the most without losing it, takes home $100. The fun starts in front of the main stage beginning at 2:45 PM.

Must be 18 or older to compete in the Mr. Hot Stuff, Ms. Chili Pepper and the Pepper Eating Contests.